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Bathroom Designs

Besides roofs, Bathrooms hold the most liability in construction work. Because of this, we only use high performance building and waterproffing materials we are certified in and able to warranty for 30 years leak free. Our designs are well thought out pushing the limits of the space providing maximum comfortability and functionality. Our biggest attribute in our process is listening to your needs, and designing to that and the budget available.

Entry Level 25k+

  • Replace Existing Tub / Shower Base (Keep Existing Sizes & Locations)

  • Porcelain Tile Floor & Shower Walls

  • Level 1 Plumbing Fixtures (Kohler Purist)

  • Level 1 Vanity Cabinetry

  • Marble/Quartz Remnant Top

  • Electrical Changes/Updates

  • Pre-fabricated Shower Doors

  • Fixtures Remain in the Same Locations

  • High Performance Waterproofing 30 year Warranty

    Prices Based Off Of 5x8 Bathroom Size

Mid-Level 45k+

  • Remove Existing Tub & Shower. Expand Existing Shower with Mudbase Tile Shower

  • Porcelain Tile Floor, Shower Base & Walls

  • Level 2 Plumbing Fixtures(Axor, Crosswater)

  • Level 2 Vanity Cabinetry

  • Marble/Quartz Remnant Top

  • Electrical Changes/Updates

  • Custom Shower Doors

  • High Performance Waterproofing 30 year Warranty

  • Limited Fixture Movement

Luxury 75k+

  • Remove Existing Tub & Shower. Install New Tub, Expanded Mudbase Tile Shower with Seat

  • Natural Stone Floor, Shower Base & Walls

  • Level 3 Plumbing Fixtures(Gessi, THG Paris, Waterworks)

  • Level 3 Custom Vanity Cabintry w/Linen Cabinet

  • Marble/Quartz Remnant Top & Shower Pieces

  • Electrical Changes/Updates

  • Custom Shower Doors

  • High Performance Waterproofing 30 year Warranty

  • Fixtures May be Moved

Bathroom Renovations

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This is Hands down the most important aspect of your project and longevity of the finished product. If the waterproofing fails, or is not installed correctly, it will ruin the project you just completed, and potentially anything around and below it. We have invested a large amount of time in training to get certified in the materials we use. We will NOT compromise, or use different products, that said, we offer a 30 year leak free warranty on all of our bathrooms.

Tile Installation

Anyone can apply tiles to a surface, but when you have proper application, combined with the best setting materials, tile can last for Hundreds, even Thousands of years. Again, We only use certain setting materials and processes of application to ensure our tiles are not moving.


Our Lead Designer and Project Manager is Parsons trained, combining onsite experience and uncanny instincts, our designs are able to exploit your wants and needs while optimizing the space to its fullest potential. Its our goal to provide intentional design where micro details matter, tile layout is meticulously thought thru for its best look and placement, heights of fixtures are comfortable and the feel of the space is personal.


Materials matter, like a chef in a kitchen, you can only do so well with sub-par ingredients. Cheap box store tile typically is bowed, cupped or very irregular. We have standards in our materials we will not compromise. We want our work to last decades, and if something needs a tune up, we have used a product that allows for this to happen with ease.